Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dear Stephenie Meyer - Whoops.

Dear Bff (can I still Call you that?)Steph-

I am the worst friend ever. How could I forget your birthday? I mean literally - the date is plastered all over my shrine... I mean totally normal sized mural of you. even the corn cob statue I made of you is even holding a calender with all important dates. I am so depressed right now... can you ever forgive me?

In hopes to make it better - I have written a small - 800 page) novella I would like you to look over. (You know, so that you don't feel cut-off from my recent lack of communication). I'm totally fine if you decide to forward it to your publisher - really - no worries.

I am faithful that this moment of sharing between us will make our bond even stronger. I would be more than happy to bond further with you by reading your manuscript of Breaking Dawn Besides I forgive you for what I'm sure was a postal error keeping me from receiving my birthday present over three weeks ago.

But I do appreciate this very personal response to my lengthy 76 page letter I sent to you several weeks ago. I'm glad you looked at it as a sort of birthday present; however, I believe you forgot to put "Dear BFF Nicole," at the top...

Oh well, Toodles for now!

Much love and a happy, happy birthday to you,

2008...only 12 more months to go

Happy New Year to all - and I hope you all had a Merry Christmas (or other holiday). Mine was great. I had vacation from work - I got to spend a lot of time with my family and we even bought a new couch and tv. So , all in all, not bad. I'[m glad to be back to my blog - our internet at home is to pitiful to even try and use - since I've been gone over 400 visitors! So glad to have you all - comment away.

Just a little reminder - December 12th (ish) Twilight : the Movie will be released. So excited. Here's the facts from IMDB, and the nitty gritty from Summit Entertainment.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Robs...

So cute... what the heck is talking about through most of this... his faces are hilarious. I'm totally obsessed. I love me some Robert Pattinson...

*indiscernible squealing noises*


amazing link

Visions of Robward danced through their heads...

Well, after my researching to post last night, Robert Pattinson has grown on me. It was strange, but last night I kept seeing these images of him in my head - almost like he was someone I knew that I hadn't seen in a while - almost like he was Edward. So I'm all in for Robward. I can't wait. I think it will be amazing.

Perhaps what had me off at first was how hard it is to find a good picture of him (see exhibit A) - but the good ones are so good (ehxibit B and following).

Exhibit A: He looks like Chandler Bing.

Exhibit B: however, he looks like Hotty McHot.

Exhibit C: Statue of Adonis compared to Robbie (starting to love his profile...)

I am getting so excited - the more and more I look at him, the more and more perfect he is for the part of "Edward Cullen". In fact, the more I looked for the pictures... the more I got all squealy like a little school girl. Mission accomplished Summit Entertainment, bravo.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Robert Pattinson is "Edward Cullen"

So,old news I know, Summit has cast Robert Pattinson as "Edward Cullen" in the movie Twilight, based on Stephenie Meyer's novel. My best friend forever has not yet returned my calls about how she feels in the casting choice, but you may click here s'il vous voulez to see what she posted on her website (No hard feelings Steph, I know you must be busy. BFF side note (since I know you are reading BFF)... do you like marshmallows in your hot chocolate?.. I am crushing the cocoa beans right now (by hand) to mail (by "mail" I mean wait just outside of our restraining order guidelines for you to come and get)you a cup of my famous hot chocolate... I call it "Stephenie Meyer likes it, so if you don't - stuff it")

So... Robert Pattinson (A.K.A. Cedric Diggory ala Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) will be Edward. My initial reaction was one of "Really? Him?", to be honest I'm still not quite sure how to explain how I feel about the decision.

Things I consider:
1) Summit hired (and, with hope, paid) someone to make the casting decisions. They probably saw lots of people. They probably picked who they thought was best.
2) When I saw Robbie as "Cedric", I thought "That guy is good looking, in a strange sort of way...", but I have not thought so, as much, in most of his still frames. More on this later...
3) I would much rather someone act well and looks kind of the part (see #4), than someone who is outrageously hot, looks thirty, and can't act. I think Edward will be very hard to play, mostly due to the fact that a lot of his reactions to things cause him to be still or "guarded" which could translate as "boring" or "bad actor" if not done correctly.

(I think this picture is really cute. I have no idea who the girl is. He looks sort of ... mmmm. otherworldly here....this website has a lot of pictures of Robbie. Notice how nice he seems)

4) Robbie does have a chiseled face and I think once he gets "Hollywooded-Up" then he could look the part of a greek-god-like-statue young man. I do have to admit though that I don't care for his profile as far as Edward is concerned. I picture Edward to have a large (but sexy) regal sort of nose - like Michelangelo's "David"'s nose. Robbie's profile is quite flat. BUT -- I hate my own profile, no one is perfect (Edward is fictitious (sorry to say) and therefore allowed to be perfect), we all picture him differently, and God made us all beautiful - even those of us with bad profiles. moving on....
5) Steph seems pleased.

All of that said - I am happy with the decision all-in-all, although I may not squeal like a little school girl when I see Robbie - I might when I see Robward.

And if I don't - I still have my Edward in my head - and he is enough to keep me squealing for quite some time to come...

For you pleasure some Youtube videos to consider. I did not make these, but I feel so much better about the choice of Robbie when I see him in motion. I don't think he looks like the same person in still photographs. When I see him moving, I can see "Edward" much easier - especially the videos with the outtake from "Vanity Fair"

How the grinch got Mono....

Well, Let me start off by saying that I am sorry to you readers (eh hem this means you Amy) for being gone so long. Apparently I have mononucleiosis, which I place sole blame upon for my severe lack of posting the last few weeks. I was beginning to think I had somehow become a lazy person over night - turns out to be chronic fatigue.

So no presents this year - because I slept through Christmas... well really just my birthday, but I might sleep through Christams.