Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Robs...

So cute... what the heck is talking about through most of this... his faces are hilarious. I'm totally obsessed. I love me some Robert Pattinson...

*indiscernible squealing noises*


amazing link

Visions of Robward danced through their heads...

Well, after my researching to post last night, Robert Pattinson has grown on me. It was strange, but last night I kept seeing these images of him in my head - almost like he was someone I knew that I hadn't seen in a while - almost like he was Edward. So I'm all in for Robward. I can't wait. I think it will be amazing.

Perhaps what had me off at first was how hard it is to find a good picture of him (see exhibit A) - but the good ones are so good (ehxibit B and following).

Exhibit A: He looks like Chandler Bing.

Exhibit B: however, he looks like Hotty McHot.

Exhibit C: Statue of Adonis compared to Robbie (starting to love his profile...)

I am getting so excited - the more and more I look at him, the more and more perfect he is for the part of "Edward Cullen". In fact, the more I looked for the pictures... the more I got all squealy like a little school girl. Mission accomplished Summit Entertainment, bravo.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Robert Pattinson is "Edward Cullen"

So,old news I know, Summit has cast Robert Pattinson as "Edward Cullen" in the movie Twilight, based on Stephenie Meyer's novel. My best friend forever has not yet returned my calls about how she feels in the casting choice, but you may click here s'il vous voulez to see what she posted on her website (No hard feelings Steph, I know you must be busy. BFF side note (since I know you are reading BFF)... do you like marshmallows in your hot chocolate?.. I am crushing the cocoa beans right now (by hand) to mail (by "mail" I mean wait just outside of our restraining order guidelines for you to come and get)you a cup of my famous hot chocolate... I call it "Stephenie Meyer likes it, so if you don't - stuff it")

So... Robert Pattinson (A.K.A. Cedric Diggory ala Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) will be Edward. My initial reaction was one of "Really? Him?", to be honest I'm still not quite sure how to explain how I feel about the decision.

Things I consider:
1) Summit hired (and, with hope, paid) someone to make the casting decisions. They probably saw lots of people. They probably picked who they thought was best.
2) When I saw Robbie as "Cedric", I thought "That guy is good looking, in a strange sort of way...", but I have not thought so, as much, in most of his still frames. More on this later...
3) I would much rather someone act well and looks kind of the part (see #4), than someone who is outrageously hot, looks thirty, and can't act. I think Edward will be very hard to play, mostly due to the fact that a lot of his reactions to things cause him to be still or "guarded" which could translate as "boring" or "bad actor" if not done correctly.

(I think this picture is really cute. I have no idea who the girl is. He looks sort of ... mmmm. otherworldly here....this website has a lot of pictures of Robbie. Notice how nice he seems)

4) Robbie does have a chiseled face and I think once he gets "Hollywooded-Up" then he could look the part of a greek-god-like-statue young man. I do have to admit though that I don't care for his profile as far as Edward is concerned. I picture Edward to have a large (but sexy) regal sort of nose - like Michelangelo's "David"'s nose. Robbie's profile is quite flat. BUT -- I hate my own profile, no one is perfect (Edward is fictitious (sorry to say) and therefore allowed to be perfect), we all picture him differently, and God made us all beautiful - even those of us with bad profiles. moving on....
5) Steph seems pleased.

All of that said - I am happy with the decision all-in-all, although I may not squeal like a little school girl when I see Robbie - I might when I see Robward.

And if I don't - I still have my Edward in my head - and he is enough to keep me squealing for quite some time to come...

For you pleasure some Youtube videos to consider. I did not make these, but I feel so much better about the choice of Robbie when I see him in motion. I don't think he looks like the same person in still photographs. When I see him moving, I can see "Edward" much easier - especially the videos with the outtake from "Vanity Fair"

How the grinch got Mono....

Well, Let me start off by saying that I am sorry to you readers (eh hem this means you Amy) for being gone so long. Apparently I have mononucleiosis, which I place sole blame upon for my severe lack of posting the last few weeks. I was beginning to think I had somehow become a lazy person over night - turns out to be chronic fatigue.

So no presents this year - because I slept through Christmas... well really just my birthday, but I might sleep through Christams.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

Well, I finally got my request for J.R. Wards' first book in the Black Dagger of Brotherhood series. So, New Moon may have to wait, since I only have two weeks to read this. I'm actually not sure if I will make it through it though... doesn't really seem like my kind of book. I'm sure you'll hear more about this, though.

Flight of the Conchords "I'm not crying"

I'm trying to find some way to connect this with Stephenie Meyer or her series of books... so -

Perhaps here is what Jacob might sing in Breaking Dawn.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Still alive...

For those of you who read here often, I apologize for the lapse in topics. I have been living in a cave the past two weeks (or something). Please don't feel bad, my house work, job, and husband have been just as abandoned. Weird how that happens, huh?

To make up a posted a giant post below!

Thanks all you guys who comment and vote! It's a fun obsession to share, right?

Thoughts on my first reading of Twilight.

We had some thought provoking discussions on the Lex, I thought I'd share my opinion on the matters. All page numbers refer to Twilight.

page 92 Edward say he wishes Bella wouldn't try to figure him out because he may not be a superhero. It reads:
"Oh...I see". "Do you?" His face was abruptly severe, as if he were afraid that he'd said too much.
"You're dangerous?" I guessed, my pulse quickening as I intuitively realized the truth of my own words. He was dangerous. He'd been trying to tell me that all along.
He looked at me, eyes full of some emotion I couldn't comprehend.
"But not bad," I whispered, shaking my head. "No, I don't believe that you're bad."
"You're wrong." His voice was almost inaudible."

about the emotion mentioned above...

Remember how Edward is able to think many thoughts at once(and often,although Bella can't understand that)? I wonder if he isn't doing this here?

Right after she says "you're dangerous" he makes the face. Could he be thinking these thoughts all at once: leave, don't leave, I wouldn't hurt you, will I hurt you, love me even though I'm a monster, run and never look back Alice saw you changing, you're ephemeral, I'll lose you someday(after having read the series several times, I now realize this)

The first time I read it, I was so confused. If he's a vampire (I knew this because the friend who recommended the series told me), then he is the bad guy (we don't know yet he's a "vegetarian"). Even through this I could feel the internal struggle. That is the crucial point of this emotion that you can sense even though, as a first time reader, all the questions have not been answered. (Great job, BF Steph, making us love the unlovable even though we have no real reason to - yet.)

To be totally honest, I read through TW so fast the first time, I never really understood how much Edward loved Bella (even though he said he did) until the day she went to the Cullen's house. Until then, it seemed like it was all about her blood and pretense of not having it spilled in front of him. Well, I guess this is about Edward's intentions, of course based on my first reading (so things have changed) but I'll share.

When we first see Edward (in the cafeteria) he is perplexed by Bella, then becomes so hostile in Biology. Later he saves her from Tyler's van, but he seems very annoyed, perturbed even, by that fact (so we think). At Port Angeles, once again he saves her life, but makes his saving her seem more like a mission than an act of affection (examples: He is driving so fast to get home, doesn't take her affection well, and he even mentions he's never tried so hard to keep one person alive before).

At this point I started thinking of her as a sort of project.

Then in the meadow he mentions that he saved her so as not to spill her blood before him (because he would lap it up). The first time I read it, I really thought that was why he saved her. I missed a crucial word, which I'll clarify below. It is very strange reading the meadow scene under this misapprehension. It seemed like he needed a "fix", like he had found his heroine, and since he was a good vampire, would just like to have it around, not "use" it. Not that he really Loved her. By this point, Bella is hooked, this gorgeous, dangerous boy following her, being her savior, watching her - interested in her. Bella is the type of girl that would fall for that alone. (no offense Bella, I was, too)

I wonder when Edward realized he did love her? I think it could be in the meadow. I don't think he knew for sometime. For me, I imagine it as a sort of annoying preoccupation with her (and vice verse) then the light comes on. I sort of liked to think she was a project at first - a need he had to fill - that fulfilled him in more ways than he ever could have imagined.

On later readings, I of course cleared up the misconception by the following revelation:

Page 272, in the meadow:
"Of course, then you were nearly crushed to death in front of my eyes. Later, I thought of a perfectly good excuse for why I acted at that moment - because if I hadn't saved you, if your blood had been spilled there in front of me, I don't think I could have stopped myself from exposing us for what we are. But I only thought of that excuse later. At the time, all I could think was, 'Not her.'"

I believe this "excuse" was both for himself (along the didn't-know-he-loved-her-yet lines) and his family (as he had out them in danger of being discovered). "Later" and "excuse" here prove that it was love (he might not have called it that yet), not the need to stop her blood being spilled. Notice,he didn't use the word "reason, he said "excuse"." I used the two interchangeably during the first reading. On the second, and subsequent, readings the difference in the words was blinding.

Thanks, Stephenie Meyer (BFF) for knowing the subtle difference!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

in the meantime...

So, I keep planning to put up a post about which book (either Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse) from Stephenie Meyer's series is my favorite. I already know which it is - but I really want to reread it so I can give deep insight *cough* into why it is my favorite. I am unable to read two books at once (I have to finish one before I can start another, I mean - I'm not sure anyone can literally read two books at once).

So I work at a library and I request a lot of books, usually popular ones. I am at the mercy of two things when reading my request: how long I can keep a book and when it arrives. I say all this to say, currently, all my holds are mysteriously arriving at once and I have been slammed with reading. So, in the meantime, here is a critique of another book some of you might like:

Atonement by Ian McEwan

This story takes place over a span of years, but all begins when 13 year old Briony sees her sister in a situation she does not understand. Seeing her sister, Cecilia looking distressed (in reality from passion, to the child from fear) in Robbie Turner's arms, Briony makes a mistaken, and child-like assumption. With this thought, one of Robbie as a "maniac", Briony makes an irreversable decision to protect her sister, and all others, from Robbie at all costs. This single moment sets in action a chain of events that effect everyone in the Tallis home that summer evening in the 1930's pre-war England. For Cecilia and Robbie, their love is on the brink of never being allowed to thrive. For Briony Tallis, it means a seemingly endless pursuit for atonement.

This story reminded me very much of "Cold Mountain" (the book of CM is so much better than the movie), but I'd have to say that I prefer this novel to Charles Frazier's. The language and symbolism is quite beautiful. Often told from changing view points, McEwan has no problem embodying so many different minds and intentions, especially those of 13 year old Briony. Atonement is not plot driven, so mush as curiosity driven, due to the wonderful characterization by the author. I'll leave it here, because I am recommending this book and do not wish to spoil it.

I will warn those who might be interested, this book has pretty heavy language and gory war scenes. It also deals very deeply with regret, guilt and other sometimes troubling emotions. Oh, and the twist at the end sent me reeling, even though I sort of saw it coming.

For an excerpt, click here.

Also, a movie version is to have limited release here in the U.S. on December 7th. (of course I would advise reading the book first as with all book/movie franchises)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My beautiful new banner...

This was created by an amazing individual I met on the Lexicon, I thought I'd share it!

Thanks, FRY - amazing work. I'm still giddy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To be honest...

I think in a moment of "Hugh-steria" I put that he should be Charlie Swan for the Twilight movie. Ahhhh. Now I can't being myself to delete it. He's so pretty. Why can't Charlie be pretty? He's the only one old
enough (sorry Hugh) that Hugh Jackman could play! *Despairing Sigh*

I will leave it for all to see, but we must come to accept that Hugh will never be Charlie.

A moment of silence, please...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Jacob Black missing Bella Swan

As we know, I love Brandi Carlile. I was listening to her cd, The Story, again and heard the words of this song (Turpentine) for what felt like the first time. Here is what I think Jacob Black could be thinking at the end of Eclipse.

And Here is another song that I always thought was happy, yet now I think it could easily represent the way Bella Swan felt after Edward Cullen left in New Moon. It portrays how Bella longed to push all of her friends and family away and stay in zombie mode. "Beautiful bright eyes lie... singing late morning lullabies" to me is exactly what she must have thought after Edward left her in the forest. His ever loving her must have seemed like a lie (as far as she knew), and too late he told her he didn't love her, after she had committed her life to loving him (I see "late morning lullabies" as being a euphemism for saying one put love to bed after it was too late...) this is a video as well:

Late Morning Lullaby (Live) by Brandi Carlile

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Twilight movie casting thoughts

Briefly - some thoughts about the Twilight movie casting.

I'm watching X-men: Last stand and see some prospects for us to consider...though I'll agree that I would much rather whoever plays whoever, to portray them well than actually fit my mental vision of the character:

Chief Charlie Swan - no don't poo on this until you think about the possibilities, Hugh Jackman.

I think he could pull it of - in fact no doubt. Let's imagine his acting ability to be fatherly, funny, and oblivious :) Although he'd need to let some of that muscle go...

Victoria... maybe it's the red hair, but boy, she can do crazy intense lady well: Femke Jansen

Obviously, most people like Daniel Cudmore as Emmett Hale:

Finally, a proposal for Alice Cullen: Ellen Page
I picked this picture so you can see her stature - Ellen is far left (and Hugh and Femke)

Revelation: Considering the quiz about Breaking Dawn

Okay - although the voting is low (but I love all of you who have) I am beginning to notice what I think could be the effect of two camps voting for different reasons...

Those of us voting for Jacob to see Bella right before she says "I do" - I think we are in the Jacob camp.

The others (in second place) voting for Jacob Black to NEVER see Bella Swan again - I think you are in the anyone but Jacob camp... you don't want Bella to see Jacob again, because you wish he's jsut fade away and leave here alone?

Is this a correct assumption? I'm just curious - because if this is not the case then why woudln't you want Bella to see Jacob again?

(Let it be said I'm a fire and ice gal - I like both Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, and my heart broke for Bella that she had to decide-- wel, maybe I lean more for the spaceheater) The reason I gave the fourth as an option is that I thought, for Jacob's sake, that perhaps he should never see Bella again. This was not the option I picked in the poll, however.

I am not repremanding- far far far from it - I just love that that answer is in 2nd place - I didn't expect it. I'd love to hear if it's beacuse you, like me, feel bad for Jacob, or if you, like a suprising multitude of readers, hate *wince* Jacob *wince* Black and want him out of Bella's life...

Commenting is sooooo unbelievably welcome!

I cannot wait for Breaking Dawn to come out. Until then, i'll just read my worn out copies of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse until they fall apart. And then I'll buy more...

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

As I'm sure most of you already know, Stephenie Meyer has a new novel (click here for synopsis)coming out. This thime it is an adult novel (though I doubt THAT kind of adult).

I am so excited about The Host. It's got everything I'm interested in: love triangles, adventure, and realistic situations taken out of the realm of real. BF Steph does that so well. Especially the love triangles with mysterious creatures, how can we humans resist?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Which book of the series (so far) is your favorite?

I'm just cutious to see which book by Stephenie Meyer (Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse) is your favorite?

I'll put up a poll, but I'd love to find out why (please leave a comment)...

So post away friends... and I'll tell you which if my favorite... but I don't want to influence ;) rrrrrriiiiiiiight...

In case your interested, some thoughts I have on Breaking Dawn

Oh, BF Steph, if you are reading this, please note that all three books are amazing, but we're all so obsessed, some books are bound to have more exciting moments for us than some of the others, and I know that everyone that posts will have respectful opinions and not slag of any of your work (or Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, or even Jacob Black (who I really like, but I understand is a point for contempt from some)).

Friday, November 16, 2007

Alice Cullen Casting for Twilight Movie

Wow, so if Adrien Brody was wishful thinking, this could be like Dorothy and the wizard type dreaming...

but seriously...

wouldn't Natalie Portman be the PERFECT Alice? I know she's a little older, but she doesn't look it, and we never actually know how old Alice was when she was transformed...

They picked a Bella

So, a Bella has been picked for the Twilight movie. The casting directors released today that Kristen Stewart is going to play Bella Swan. My BFF, Stephenie Meyer, seems very happy with this choice, and, honestly, I've only seen Kristen in Panic Room She did a great job, but I haven't seen

her in a comedy or anything not dramatic. Though, i feel it is important that Bella be dramatic at point, and Kristen will have no problem.... oh wait! I just read that she was also in Zathura, and she was very cute and funny in that - so there you go! I'll forgive you, casting director, for not picking any of my choices... you seem to know what you are doing.

Click here to see the press release and Steph's opinion about the choice...

I think the most exciting thing, for me, is that we are this much closer to being able to go see the movie...

What do you guys think? I wonder if they will plump her lips? (kidding)

Clip from Zathura

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Installment of "Dear Stephenie Meyer"

Dear Stephenie, It's me again, Best Friend! Don't worry, I'm not offended about not receiving a phone call about us hanging out. I'm sure you're very busy, and it has given me so much time to finish my statue of you made from corn cobs (isn't it great how I can make these things for you and not be at all creepy? yeah, I think so, too). By the way, do you always wear bangs? If so, I might have to save up a few more husks...

Seriously, Steph, I have found a musical talent that inspires so much emotion and passion that you could use it in your writing. She is not the same as Muse or Coldplay really, perhaps a bit more bluegrass; but the lyrics and her tone. It speaks to my soul and I honestly think it could do the same for you. I'm writing about Brandi Carlile. There are so many songs I could talk about, but I feel a special affinity for "Tragedy" from her first, self titled, album. Depending on my mood, I feel it perfectly exudes the emotion either between Bella and Edward in New Moon (after Bella has come to some sort of terms with the fact that Edward is not coming back), or the emotion as Bella has her break down in the truck after leaving Jacob for the last time at the end of Eclipse. The chorus says "When you need a friend, you could count on anyone, but you know I'll defend, the tragedy that we knew as the end." The way she sings with such passion, it sounds like broken heart trying to heal.

The bridge mentions the reason that Edward left Bella, and that Bella had to leave Jacob: the fear of hurting them more than your love can heal them. It says "Taking you with me would be like taking all you money to the grave, it does no good, to anyone, especially the one your trying to save - it's so hard not save..." Anyway, BFF I thought I would share this muse with you. All of her songs are beautiful and different, and as I've already said they capture human emotion so clearly. Just in case your needing a boost (not that you should change a thing BFF)...

Talk to you soon! Nicole P.S. get back to me about the bangs, in case I need to
start shuckin' less

Video of "Tragedy" from Grey's Anatomy

video of "Tragedy" live (harder to hear, but perhaps more relevant)

her second album:

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Twilight Movie Casting random thought

Dear casting Directors checking poorly read blogs for ideas:

Let's get a little Adrian Brody in there. Alright?

I'm thinking as Laurent or perhaps James??? Thanks, I'm sure you are taking all of the suggestions for the Twilight movie casting quite seriously... sure...

Twilight Movie Casting: Esme and Carlisle

Everyone is saying Kate Beckinsale for the Twilight movie casting of Esme Cullen. I think this would be a travesty, and I do not use the word lightly.

I really like Kate (I picked the most motherly picture I could find), but she is over aged (sorry, but it is true, Esme is mid 20's) and over used (how many times is she going to play a vampire?); to continue, I also cannot see her as a pacifier with a soft voice. Or a southern type accent...

Why not branch out, let someone else have a go... I suggest two women:

Jennifer Morrison from HOUSE fame... you might not be sold on her by looks alone, but she has an uncanny ability to show compassion, which, besides beauty, is Esme's most mentioned trait.

This pick is mostly due to the fact that she is aged appropriately, looks the part, and is able to show a range of emotions: Evangeline Lilly (yes, from LOST)

If Esme were cast a bit older, I would suggest Carla Gugino, she's mid 30's but she looks like a motherly (yet hot) woman, I think.


Well, my BF Stephenie wrote the books and created the characters, so I feel a bit out of place disagreeing with her choice for the Twilight movie casting of Carlisle Cullen ... so here he is Charlie Hunnam.

I think I would have to see Nicholas Nickleby, as this is not how I pictured Carlisle. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I ever clearly pictured him (not at any fault to your writing, BF) but he is so passive, I never paused to picture him. I like this picture though, where Charlie has on a hat. All in all, I can picture him in scrubs. Did Carlisle wear scrubs? Anyway...

While I'm thinking about "Bella" casting...

Is Emily Browning a done deal? I just checked her IMDB page and it is listed there that she is rumored to be "Bella Swan". That seems to make it more final, doesn't it? Even though I really like Emily Browning, (my husband and I were just talking about how good she was in Lemony Snickett and that she should be in more things) I am not convinced that she should be Bella. Maybe because I think I should be Bella, but that is beside the point.

Has anyone thought of Emmy Rossum?
I have heard rumors of her being suggested for Esme's character, which she might be more age appropriate for, but I think she could pass for 18 easy.

I've seen some youtube videos with Danielle Panabaker cast as Bella, but even they admit it is mostly becaue of the footage they could get with her and Steven Strait (PLEASE!!!!!! play Jacob)

Some have suggested Alexis Bledel...

Well those are just some thoughts. I really think, after looking around for girls to add to this list, that perhaps Emily Browing is a pretty good choice. I do think that Panabaker could do well, too, though.

"Edward Cullen" Casting suggestions cont'd

While Emily Browining remains the "rumoured" Bella "Twilight" for the movie, there is still no news on any of the other characters.

This next Edward suggestion may be shocking to some, and hard to swallow; however, I saw an ad for the movie Jumper with Hayden Christensen, and I actually thought it was a trailor for Twilight, at first. He may be too well known, but I think that could be perfect! As long as he doesn't act like he did in Star Wars, we are looking for "Life as a House" quality work. And if he's done it once...

Plus let's not deny that he fits the criteria: Lanky, yet muscular; a boyish face with hard, statuesque lines; the possibility to look quite frightening, while still managing an almost angelic appearance at times. See for yourself:

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thoughts on Breaking Dawn

the fourth installment in the Twilight series. I just finished Eclipse for the second time and thought of a few things as I completed the last two chapters and epilogue:

First: Would my best friend Stephenie actually let Jacob Black and Bella Swan talk again? Bella has already cried for more than 3/4's of a chapter about having to tell Jake goodbye. Of Course Steph will though. Assuming BF would let that happen there are two possibilities to consider:

a) I cannot let myself believe that Jacob has given up fighting for Bella's humanity. Read the Epilogue of Eclipse again if you are unsure. So I think we might have a classic stop the wedding scene on our paws. You know we have to see the wedding, and if the point I bring up in the "Next" point is true, then Jacob will have to be there. Which would be really intense, but if Bella left Edward at that point, well, I don't even want to think about that

b) ok, so that's assuming Jake sees her before the wedding... what about after? What if they meet again after Bella has been transformed? It would be so... weird. I am unsure if Stephenie would want us, the audience, to even see Bella that way. But, assuming it does happen,you'd have Jacob fighting the urge to kill Bella instead of Edward, which could prolong the whole series - and I'm up for that.

Next: I VERY much think that Jacob will be our narrator in Breaking Dawn. Because of: the epilogue and the fact that the title directly refers to the sun triumphing and beginning to rise (Jacob is the sun according to Bella).

Then: if that is true, can we assume Jacob will move on and imprint someone of his own? I don't think so, at least not yet. This is going to be all about Jacob dealing (not drugs, but with emotions), whether or not he sees Bella and Edward again - though if he is narrating he will (because BFF Steph has promised that if she switches narrators we will still hear about Edward and Bella)- he is going to be fighting his own demons and getting his heart prepared for when Stephenie lets him imprint (you know there will be a riot, because no girl will ever be good enough for either Jacob or Edward, but it is inevitable that Jacob end up with someone (Bella?- but that would have to mean something tragic (gasp) happens to Edward Cullen)).

Finally: I doubt we will revisit the "pick me over him" of the last three novels, but I can't imagine (besides the Volturi) what other threats or cause for suspense there could be... although BF STeph will come up with something awesome... no doubt

Really finally:PLEASE, STEPHENIE MEYER... do not let Jacob end up with Leah Clearwater - she makes my head want to explode (which I hope is your intent with her (I mean no offense by saying I think she's annoying), I think we can all honestly say she is a little frusterating at the end of Eclipse - not with out reason, but still...).

Dear Stephenie,

I am pretty sure we should be best friends. We like the same music (I love writing while listening to David Grey's White Ladder), the same books, and apparently the same sorts of love stories. I think we hold similar values as well... but I'll nip this in the hooty because I'm pretty sure I'm crossing into creepy fan zone... but I'm sure that me typing that in no way assures you that I am not, in fact, a creepy fan. Moving on...

Really what I"m saying is that I admire you for what you have done with these novels and especially the characters. I admire you even more for not trying to do it, it seems as though it may have just happened (You say "Yeah right" but, best friend, I am just saying it seems that way).

I ask myself what is it about these books that draw the teens (and those of us only very slightly older) into a near obsessive state. Please, Steph, don't be modest, I've Googled- you've Googled... we both know it is true. Last night the answer came to me, and you are a Genius. Seriously, did you plan it this way?

So, most teenagers are about worried futures, sexual tension, and anxiety of being wanted (this does sum them up, they'll realize in a few years...), and what you have done is taken those fears - removed the reality, while adding ultimate finality. It's like you blinged up the whole teenage angst issue.

And the sexual tension, you are so clever, is there but very tactfully camoflouged. Thank you for that. For once, these kids are undersexed if anything (and I am not complaining about that), yet all the tension of sexual yearning is still dealt with: the way Edward longs for Bella's blood and she can't resist him, no matter how much she might want to.

I like to think of it as an abstinence allegory (though this may not be your intent). Think about it, if Edward had killed Bella that moment in Biology class, or anytime after, he would have had his pleasure for a moment but what would follow? Nothing. But it shows how much he loves her to overcome and put away his deepest lust to keep her close to him.

Even more... the use of Edward as statuesque (literally)... fabulous. Bella is so fragile and soft but the love of her being can never be fully hers (not as she is now anyway). Enter Jacob, who's hot (also literally) and soft and huggable and kissable, and ultimately Bella's second love. Once again you've taken teenage indecsion and beautified it. By using mythical and totally opposite creatures, you've simplified but some how made everything that much more seductive.

And in the end decisions must be made by all characters, and consequences must be dealt with. You are brilliant at showng that there is indeed consequences for every action, even those far in the past. You deal with the fact that even though we forgive, it takes time to heal; even more, that not all descions are easy and it is often the hardest that offer the deepest impact.

Best friend, I must leave for now... but there will be more correspondence to follow. Let me know if you want to come over some time. I have the whole Pride and Prejudice miniseries on tape, yeah, the one with Colin Firth. (This is an attempt at humor, not creepiness, I know you will never read this, it was more a cheap ploy to introduce some ideas about your intent of some issues in the novel - but if you want to be best friends, I'll learn how to french braid) Okay, BFF! I can't wait for you to decide we should swap stories about our children and fudge recipes!


P.S. I made you a quilt. The first one I ever made... see... not creepy at all

Monday, November 5, 2007

Casting for "Edward Cullen"

Obviously, (Stephenie Meyer even said it herself)Henry Cavill would be the perfect casting for Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie. I still don't see why he couldn't be... Edward looks more like a man than a 17 year old to me anyway. It has been suggested that Cavill is wince too old so this is the first in sure to be many Blogs on possible Edwards for the 2008 movie. I'm sure the casting company will randomly be searching low-read blogs for suggestions...

I watched The Covenant this weekend. Luckily for me, my husband enjoys those sorts of movies, as I enjoy Steven Strait (please, please, please be Jacob Black, Steven. I'm begging). When Steven was not on the screen I managed to find a few prospects. The first, I think, is a Strong possibility, but I wish his cheeks were more manly. I find it a conundrum that, at 17, Edward should have baby fat cheeks, but being so marble-like, I can't help picture him chiseled.

That's the problem with selection A, too childish, but picture him as the more human side of Edward Anthony Masen Cullen: Sebastian Stan.

Or Chance Crawford... who is nice looking but I can't imagine him being scary...

I think that will do it for now... I've been trying but I absolutely cannot imagine another Jacob Black... but I'll try.