Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Installment of "Dear Stephenie Meyer"

Dear Stephenie, It's me again, Best Friend! Don't worry, I'm not offended about not receiving a phone call about us hanging out. I'm sure you're very busy, and it has given me so much time to finish my statue of you made from corn cobs (isn't it great how I can make these things for you and not be at all creepy? yeah, I think so, too). By the way, do you always wear bangs? If so, I might have to save up a few more husks...

Seriously, Steph, I have found a musical talent that inspires so much emotion and passion that you could use it in your writing. She is not the same as Muse or Coldplay really, perhaps a bit more bluegrass; but the lyrics and her tone. It speaks to my soul and I honestly think it could do the same for you. I'm writing about Brandi Carlile. There are so many songs I could talk about, but I feel a special affinity for "Tragedy" from her first, self titled, album. Depending on my mood, I feel it perfectly exudes the emotion either between Bella and Edward in New Moon (after Bella has come to some sort of terms with the fact that Edward is not coming back), or the emotion as Bella has her break down in the truck after leaving Jacob for the last time at the end of Eclipse. The chorus says "When you need a friend, you could count on anyone, but you know I'll defend, the tragedy that we knew as the end." The way she sings with such passion, it sounds like broken heart trying to heal.

The bridge mentions the reason that Edward left Bella, and that Bella had to leave Jacob: the fear of hurting them more than your love can heal them. It says "Taking you with me would be like taking all you money to the grave, it does no good, to anyone, especially the one your trying to save - it's so hard not save..." Anyway, BFF I thought I would share this muse with you. All of her songs are beautiful and different, and as I've already said they capture human emotion so clearly. Just in case your needing a boost (not that you should change a thing BFF)...

Talk to you soon! Nicole P.S. get back to me about the bangs, in case I need to
start shuckin' less

Video of "Tragedy" from Grey's Anatomy

video of "Tragedy" live (harder to hear, but perhaps more relevant)

her second album:

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