Friday, November 23, 2007

Jacob Black missing Bella Swan

As we know, I love Brandi Carlile. I was listening to her cd, The Story, again and heard the words of this song (Turpentine) for what felt like the first time. Here is what I think Jacob Black could be thinking at the end of Eclipse.

And Here is another song that I always thought was happy, yet now I think it could easily represent the way Bella Swan felt after Edward Cullen left in New Moon. It portrays how Bella longed to push all of her friends and family away and stay in zombie mode. "Beautiful bright eyes lie... singing late morning lullabies" to me is exactly what she must have thought after Edward left her in the forest. His ever loving her must have seemed like a lie (as far as she knew), and too late he told her he didn't love her, after she had committed her life to loving him (I see "late morning lullabies" as being a euphemism for saying one put love to bed after it was too late...) this is a video as well:

Late Morning Lullaby (Live) by Brandi Carlile

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