Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Twilight movie casting thoughts

Briefly - some thoughts about the Twilight movie casting.

I'm watching X-men: Last stand and see some prospects for us to consider...though I'll agree that I would much rather whoever plays whoever, to portray them well than actually fit my mental vision of the character:

Chief Charlie Swan - no don't poo on this until you think about the possibilities, Hugh Jackman.

I think he could pull it of - in fact no doubt. Let's imagine his acting ability to be fatherly, funny, and oblivious :) Although he'd need to let some of that muscle go...

Victoria... maybe it's the red hair, but boy, she can do crazy intense lady well: Femke Jansen

Obviously, most people like Daniel Cudmore as Emmett Hale:

Finally, a proposal for Alice Cullen: Ellen Page
I picked this picture so you can see her stature - Ellen is far left (and Hugh and Femke)

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Amy said...

qOooh... I like Famke as Victoria. She's very close to how I picture her.

I actually really like Ellen Page too. She's pixi-ish enough to pull off Alice. Plus she's not really well known which I see as a plus for this role.

Of course I could totally see Daniel Cudmore as Emmett- he's perfect! I just hope that it really happens.

As for Hugh as Charlie- I just can't picture it. Hugh is one of my favorite actors. I do think he could pull it off but I think he's a little too hunkish to be Charlie. I see Charlie more as a John C. Reilly kind of guy.