Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Revelation: Considering the quiz about Breaking Dawn

Okay - although the voting is low (but I love all of you who have) I am beginning to notice what I think could be the effect of two camps voting for different reasons...

Those of us voting for Jacob to see Bella right before she says "I do" - I think we are in the Jacob camp.

The others (in second place) voting for Jacob Black to NEVER see Bella Swan again - I think you are in the anyone but Jacob camp... you don't want Bella to see Jacob again, because you wish he's jsut fade away and leave here alone?

Is this a correct assumption? I'm just curious - because if this is not the case then why woudln't you want Bella to see Jacob again?

(Let it be said I'm a fire and ice gal - I like both Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, and my heart broke for Bella that she had to decide-- wel, maybe I lean more for the spaceheater) The reason I gave the fourth as an option is that I thought, for Jacob's sake, that perhaps he should never see Bella again. This was not the option I picked in the poll, however.

I am not repremanding- far far far from it - I just love that that answer is in 2nd place - I didn't expect it. I'd love to hear if it's beacuse you, like me, feel bad for Jacob, or if you, like a suprising multitude of readers, hate *wince* Jacob *wince* Black and want him out of Bella's life...

Commenting is sooooo unbelievably welcome!

I cannot wait for Breaking Dawn to come out. Until then, i'll just read my worn out copies of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse until they fall apart. And then I'll buy more...


Amy said...

Ok, I'm going to try to attempt to explain why I think Bella never needs to see Jacob again. I'm not sure that I can express it clearly- but I will try. I will also try not to make you wince since I can see that you are a Jacob-fan.

First of all let me clarify that I have tried to like Jacob. I really, really wish I could like him. I reread New Moon with the sole purpose of getting to know Jacob better. I thought maybe I had missed out on all of his redeeming qualities because I was so anxious for Edward to come back.

Unfortunately it seems that I failed in my mission to like Jacob. I do see his importance. He was there when Bella needed him. He was her sanity, I understand that. But he has served his purpose. He was there for Bella when Edward was gone and he also helped solidify Bella's knowledge that she wants to be a vampire. He has fufilled his purpose in the books. I think any further interaction would be pointless. I know that there will be further interaction between the three of them but I hope that it isn't as focused on the love triangle- the choice has been made.

I don't hate Jacob. I just don't think he's right for Bella. I really hope that Jacob can find someone to imprint on that will make him happy. It's taken me a while to be able to say that. I was so furious with him at the end of Eclipse that I wanted him to get hurt. Now I just want him to imprint on someone and leave Bella and Edward alone.

Does my rambling help at all?

twoxtoxromance said...

I personally think Jacob had already imprinted on Bella.
Only it has no effect on Bella because it works inside the mind.
Kind of how Edward and Aro can't hear Bella's thoughts.
And how Jane can't torture Bella because it takes place inside her mind?
I hate Jacob.
Hate isn't even a strong enough word for what I feel towards Jacob.
I'm extremely ticked Edward invited him to the wedding.
Jacob is going to be a dumbass and show up and screw everything up.
And I'm going to have to burn my book.
I want Bella and Edward to get married.
I want Edward to make good on his promises then change Bella.
I want Jacob and Bella to get into an huge fight.
I want Jacob to never come back.