Friday, November 16, 2007

They picked a Bella

So, a Bella has been picked for the Twilight movie. The casting directors released today that Kristen Stewart is going to play Bella Swan. My BFF, Stephenie Meyer, seems very happy with this choice, and, honestly, I've only seen Kristen in Panic Room She did a great job, but I haven't seen

her in a comedy or anything not dramatic. Though, i feel it is important that Bella be dramatic at point, and Kristen will have no problem.... oh wait! I just read that she was also in Zathura, and she was very cute and funny in that - so there you go! I'll forgive you, casting director, for not picking any of my choices... you seem to know what you are doing.

Click here to see the press release and Steph's opinion about the choice...

I think the most exciting thing, for me, is that we are this much closer to being able to go see the movie...

What do you guys think? I wonder if they will plump her lips? (kidding)

Clip from Zathura

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