Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thoughts on Breaking Dawn

the fourth installment in the Twilight series. I just finished Eclipse for the second time and thought of a few things as I completed the last two chapters and epilogue:

First: Would my best friend Stephenie actually let Jacob Black and Bella Swan talk again? Bella has already cried for more than 3/4's of a chapter about having to tell Jake goodbye. Of Course Steph will though. Assuming BF would let that happen there are two possibilities to consider:

a) I cannot let myself believe that Jacob has given up fighting for Bella's humanity. Read the Epilogue of Eclipse again if you are unsure. So I think we might have a classic stop the wedding scene on our paws. You know we have to see the wedding, and if the point I bring up in the "Next" point is true, then Jacob will have to be there. Which would be really intense, but if Bella left Edward at that point, well, I don't even want to think about that

b) ok, so that's assuming Jake sees her before the wedding... what about after? What if they meet again after Bella has been transformed? It would be so... weird. I am unsure if Stephenie would want us, the audience, to even see Bella that way. But, assuming it does happen,you'd have Jacob fighting the urge to kill Bella instead of Edward, which could prolong the whole series - and I'm up for that.

Next: I VERY much think that Jacob will be our narrator in Breaking Dawn. Because of: the epilogue and the fact that the title directly refers to the sun triumphing and beginning to rise (Jacob is the sun according to Bella).

Then: if that is true, can we assume Jacob will move on and imprint someone of his own? I don't think so, at least not yet. This is going to be all about Jacob dealing (not drugs, but with emotions), whether or not he sees Bella and Edward again - though if he is narrating he will (because BFF Steph has promised that if she switches narrators we will still hear about Edward and Bella)- he is going to be fighting his own demons and getting his heart prepared for when Stephenie lets him imprint (you know there will be a riot, because no girl will ever be good enough for either Jacob or Edward, but it is inevitable that Jacob end up with someone (Bella?- but that would have to mean something tragic (gasp) happens to Edward Cullen)).

Finally: I doubt we will revisit the "pick me over him" of the last three novels, but I can't imagine (besides the Volturi) what other threats or cause for suspense there could be... although BF STeph will come up with something awesome... no doubt

Really finally:PLEASE, STEPHENIE MEYER... do not let Jacob end up with Leah Clearwater - she makes my head want to explode (which I hope is your intent with her (I mean no offense by saying I think she's annoying), I think we can all honestly say she is a little frusterating at the end of Eclipse - not with out reason, but still...).

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