Saturday, November 10, 2007

Twilight Movie Casting: Esme and Carlisle

Everyone is saying Kate Beckinsale for the Twilight movie casting of Esme Cullen. I think this would be a travesty, and I do not use the word lightly.

I really like Kate (I picked the most motherly picture I could find), but she is over aged (sorry, but it is true, Esme is mid 20's) and over used (how many times is she going to play a vampire?); to continue, I also cannot see her as a pacifier with a soft voice. Or a southern type accent...

Why not branch out, let someone else have a go... I suggest two women:

Jennifer Morrison from HOUSE fame... you might not be sold on her by looks alone, but she has an uncanny ability to show compassion, which, besides beauty, is Esme's most mentioned trait.

This pick is mostly due to the fact that she is aged appropriately, looks the part, and is able to show a range of emotions: Evangeline Lilly (yes, from LOST)

If Esme were cast a bit older, I would suggest Carla Gugino, she's mid 30's but she looks like a motherly (yet hot) woman, I think.


Well, my BF Stephenie wrote the books and created the characters, so I feel a bit out of place disagreeing with her choice for the Twilight movie casting of Carlisle Cullen ... so here he is Charlie Hunnam.

I think I would have to see Nicholas Nickleby, as this is not how I pictured Carlisle. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I ever clearly pictured him (not at any fault to your writing, BF) but he is so passive, I never paused to picture him. I like this picture though, where Charlie has on a hat. All in all, I can picture him in scrubs. Did Carlisle wear scrubs? Anyway...

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