Saturday, November 10, 2007

While I'm thinking about "Bella" casting...

Is Emily Browning a done deal? I just checked her IMDB page and it is listed there that she is rumored to be "Bella Swan". That seems to make it more final, doesn't it? Even though I really like Emily Browning, (my husband and I were just talking about how good she was in Lemony Snickett and that she should be in more things) I am not convinced that she should be Bella. Maybe because I think I should be Bella, but that is beside the point.

Has anyone thought of Emmy Rossum?
I have heard rumors of her being suggested for Esme's character, which she might be more age appropriate for, but I think she could pass for 18 easy.

I've seen some youtube videos with Danielle Panabaker cast as Bella, but even they admit it is mostly becaue of the footage they could get with her and Steven Strait (PLEASE!!!!!! play Jacob)

Some have suggested Alexis Bledel...

Well those are just some thoughts. I really think, after looking around for girls to add to this list, that perhaps Emily Browing is a pretty good choice. I do think that Panabaker could do well, too, though.

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