Friday, October 26, 2007

A Strange Phenomenon

I have inadvertently become obsessed with two fictional characters. One is a 105 year old (locked in 17 year old's body) vampire; the other a 16 year old werewolf. For those adults out there who do not read Young Adult novels, or only ones involving wizarding trios, I am speaking of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.

I am 25, married and, until recently, quite sure of my sanity. Last night, I decide to "google" the characters in Stephanie Meyer's novels after finishing two large glasses of wine. It was a four hour event. There was so much out there! So at least I am not the only one!? Right? I mean, sure, most of these avid bloggers and "youtube" film directors are prepubescent/overly hormonal teenagers, but at least I am not struggling alone. Of course, I'd bet that there husbands didn't come home to find them drooling over clips of movies put to random songs of what these characters could look like. (Seriously, for only research purposes, go to Youtube and check out some of these videos - I'm not trying to rope you in... eh hem. oh and I just randomly picked that video, there are LOADS of others)

So what's the gripe? What's bothering me? I guess it's that... hmmmmm... I have a degree in literature. I work in a library. I am so incredibly picky about things I'll read - and I have become ridiculously roped into a book that I have no hope of ever being able to discuss with anyone. As soon as you mention "vampires" "werewolves" or "love triangle between high school juniors" people start checking their watches. And I can't for the LOVE of anything normal figure out what has led me here. Stephanie Meyer -- what have you done to me? Don't get me wrong the books are fairly well written and the characterization- really amazing - perhaps that's it. Too amazing. It's like they're real people. But I've read books like that before and not been so affected.

This is my fourth time through the series (there are three so far, and heaven help me, I have my fingers crossed for more) and I have no plan to stop anytime soon. The first time I finished the series, it was like my best friend had died. No more Edward? And Jacob? Whyyyyyyyy? I took a break. I needed space. It was me not them. I read Frankenstein, Pride and Prejudice (again), and even tried a romantic, time-travel, historical-fiction novel titled Outlander. It was... alright... but so trite. childish. I much preferred my teen aged monsters, thank you very much; and I was quite ruffled by the fact that a novel about a time traveling war nurse and a Scottish clansman were somehow much more acceptable to talk about.

This is not the last you will read of my conflict with these books I am sure. Especially since I thought I'd just like to start a blog, more for myself than anything else, and I could NOT think of anything else to write until I got this off my chest.

Nerdy adults reading teenager books who fall in love with the mythological creatures unite!!

And if not... please don't judge me by my current state. This is an act of desperation. Of grappling for any straw of justification.

So, I better go - I've got a book to go read in secret.