Friday, November 23, 2007

Jacob Black missing Bella Swan

As we know, I love Brandi Carlile. I was listening to her cd, The Story, again and heard the words of this song (Turpentine) for what felt like the first time. Here is what I think Jacob Black could be thinking at the end of Eclipse.

And Here is another song that I always thought was happy, yet now I think it could easily represent the way Bella Swan felt after Edward Cullen left in New Moon. It portrays how Bella longed to push all of her friends and family away and stay in zombie mode. "Beautiful bright eyes lie... singing late morning lullabies" to me is exactly what she must have thought after Edward left her in the forest. His ever loving her must have seemed like a lie (as far as she knew), and too late he told her he didn't love her, after she had committed her life to loving him (I see "late morning lullabies" as being a euphemism for saying one put love to bed after it was too late...) this is a video as well:

Late Morning Lullaby (Live) by Brandi Carlile

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Twilight movie casting thoughts

Briefly - some thoughts about the Twilight movie casting.

I'm watching X-men: Last stand and see some prospects for us to consider...though I'll agree that I would much rather whoever plays whoever, to portray them well than actually fit my mental vision of the character:

Chief Charlie Swan - no don't poo on this until you think about the possibilities, Hugh Jackman.

I think he could pull it of - in fact no doubt. Let's imagine his acting ability to be fatherly, funny, and oblivious :) Although he'd need to let some of that muscle go...

Victoria... maybe it's the red hair, but boy, she can do crazy intense lady well: Femke Jansen

Obviously, most people like Daniel Cudmore as Emmett Hale:

Finally, a proposal for Alice Cullen: Ellen Page
I picked this picture so you can see her stature - Ellen is far left (and Hugh and Femke)

Revelation: Considering the quiz about Breaking Dawn

Okay - although the voting is low (but I love all of you who have) I am beginning to notice what I think could be the effect of two camps voting for different reasons...

Those of us voting for Jacob to see Bella right before she says "I do" - I think we are in the Jacob camp.

The others (in second place) voting for Jacob Black to NEVER see Bella Swan again - I think you are in the anyone but Jacob camp... you don't want Bella to see Jacob again, because you wish he's jsut fade away and leave here alone?

Is this a correct assumption? I'm just curious - because if this is not the case then why woudln't you want Bella to see Jacob again?

(Let it be said I'm a fire and ice gal - I like both Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, and my heart broke for Bella that she had to decide-- wel, maybe I lean more for the spaceheater) The reason I gave the fourth as an option is that I thought, for Jacob's sake, that perhaps he should never see Bella again. This was not the option I picked in the poll, however.

I am not repremanding- far far far from it - I just love that that answer is in 2nd place - I didn't expect it. I'd love to hear if it's beacuse you, like me, feel bad for Jacob, or if you, like a suprising multitude of readers, hate *wince* Jacob *wince* Black and want him out of Bella's life...

Commenting is sooooo unbelievably welcome!

I cannot wait for Breaking Dawn to come out. Until then, i'll just read my worn out copies of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse until they fall apart. And then I'll buy more...

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

As I'm sure most of you already know, Stephenie Meyer has a new novel (click here for synopsis)coming out. This thime it is an adult novel (though I doubt THAT kind of adult).

I am so excited about The Host. It's got everything I'm interested in: love triangles, adventure, and realistic situations taken out of the realm of real. BF Steph does that so well. Especially the love triangles with mysterious creatures, how can we humans resist?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Which book of the series (so far) is your favorite?

I'm just cutious to see which book by Stephenie Meyer (Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse) is your favorite?

I'll put up a poll, but I'd love to find out why (please leave a comment)...

So post away friends... and I'll tell you which if my favorite... but I don't want to influence ;) rrrrrriiiiiiiight...

In case your interested, some thoughts I have on Breaking Dawn

Oh, BF Steph, if you are reading this, please note that all three books are amazing, but we're all so obsessed, some books are bound to have more exciting moments for us than some of the others, and I know that everyone that posts will have respectful opinions and not slag of any of your work (or Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, or even Jacob Black (who I really like, but I understand is a point for contempt from some)).