Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dear Stephenie Meyer - Whoops.

Dear Bff (can I still Call you that?)Steph-

I am the worst friend ever. How could I forget your birthday? I mean literally - the date is plastered all over my shrine... I mean totally normal sized mural of you. even the corn cob statue I made of you is even holding a calender with all important dates. I am so depressed right now... can you ever forgive me?

In hopes to make it better - I have written a small - 800 page) novella I would like you to look over. (You know, so that you don't feel cut-off from my recent lack of communication). I'm totally fine if you decide to forward it to your publisher - really - no worries.

I am faithful that this moment of sharing between us will make our bond even stronger. I would be more than happy to bond further with you by reading your manuscript of Breaking Dawn Besides I forgive you for what I'm sure was a postal error keeping me from receiving my birthday present over three weeks ago.

But I do appreciate this very personal response to my lengthy 76 page letter I sent to you several weeks ago. I'm glad you looked at it as a sort of birthday present; however, I believe you forgot to put "Dear BFF Nicole," at the top...

Oh well, Toodles for now!

Much love and a happy, happy birthday to you,

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